Saturday, September 7, 2013

NFL 2013||Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings live online stream

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Match Schedule: 

Competitor : Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings
Series : NFL Regular season,Week 01
Play-Off :1:00 PM ET, September 8, 2013
Ford Field
2000 Brush St.
Detroit, MI 48226

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings head to head preview:

The Detroit Lions open the 2013 NFL season against the Minnesota Vikings with the goal of rectifying 2012's winless record within the NFC North.

 Although, it is the Lions, so it could be the opening stumble towards another irrelevant season.

But it's too early for gripes and draft predictions in Motown, where the two are year-round activities. The 2013 season, as we say every year in Detroit, has a chance to be different. So let's take a look at the game-determining factors and one man's prognostication on how it all plays out.

Keys To a Lions Victory

Just because it's obvious doesn't mean it's wrong. The Vikings are a one-dimensional team that heavily relies on their all-world running back to drive the offense. While that can be a sound strategy, the Vikings' inability to pass has cost them wins in the past.

And that deficiency will continue to do so going forward.

There are no indications that third-year quarterback Christian Ponder has taken a step forward, meaning Minnesota could easily finish with a well below-average passing attack again (28th last year).

The Lions responded well against the Buffalo Bills, only missing three tackles after whiffing on 23 attempts in the prior three games. That's a promising statistic, but those successful tackles mostly came against backups.

The fact is that the starting linebackers were horrendous last year. They combined to whiff on 44 tackles in 2012. Granted, the departed Justin Durant is included in that group, but his replacement didn't fare much better, missing one of nine attempts.

That's a long-winded way of saying the defensive line must dominate. Luckily, especially since rookie defensive end Ezekiel Ansah should be ready to go, the Lions have the personnel to get it done. If you go back and watch the preseason tape, Detroit consistently stuffed the run with the front four. If they can continue that trend, Minnesota will be hard pressed to move the ball.

"Here the writer goes again. Tell us something we don't know!"

I can already see you pounding out disparaging comments about my intelligence. But don't blame me because of your extreme fan intellect (Yes, I will pander to fans for clicks! Share with a friend!).

But seriously, bright-eyed starting tackles Riley Reiff and Jason Fox will not be easing into their duties. No, this will be more like a baptism by fire. Defensive ends Allen and Robison combined for 20 sacks and 87 quarterback hurries last season. However, the starting cornerbacks are either average or young, meaning quarterback Matthew Stafford should be able to attack downfield with Calvin Johnson and exploit the seams with the tight ends. But he has to be standing upright to deliver those throws.

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